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I wanted to share a video excerpt from a Dustin Hoffman interview. He was talking about Tootsie, a movie with him dressing as a woman to get a part in a daytime soap opera. The movie itself is very entertaining, as most of the characters don’t know that his character is actually a man dressing in drag.

The thing I like about this short clip is Hoffman’s personal experience during the filming of Tootsie. He was displeased at how he looked once dressed up as a woman and had a realization about women being largely judged on how they look instead of what they know, what they’ve done, or how wonderful and interesting they are on the inside. As I get older, I tend to get angry that we have been taught that as a woman, being pretty is the best thing we can be. Accomplishments and intelligence are only secondary to being young and attractive. A man’s trophy wife is exceptionally pretty and youthful and nothing more.

Hoffman’s genuine recount of his thoughts about being overlooked for being less than lovely is heartbreaking and somehow encouraging. We are more than how we look and how young we are. Strong, intelligent, interesting women at any age should be celebrated, and not for just their looks.