the hourglass is emptying pretty rapidly at this point.

i have to find a new job and a new house in the next 3 weeks. oh, and a major holiday to travel out of town for.

the house (the location of, mostly) is contingent on a job i don’t have yet. the waiting is the worst.

i have had a few great things happen over the last four days. something pretty broken in me got mended, and that has radically improved me in a lot of ways. and everything else seems in the realm of possibility.

i don’t know how things will go, or when they will start going, but this new year will be the most significant “new” year i may have ever had. tangible changes.

more than anything, i’ve had a lot of kind words from a lot of people.

i’ve expected things to change for about 2 months now, and i think i’m finally ready.