i have a few things to talk about, but not tonight. i’m weary, tired, sad, thoughtful. i enjoyed my time away, but i’m not ready to go home. i don’t want to stay here either. i don’t know what the alternative is.

i think it’s fitting to follow up my ‘hatred for the holidays’ sentiment with a video.

the first night i was at my parents’ house, i woke up hearing something that sounded oddly like the ice cream man – at 2 in the morning. it was not the ice cream man.

it was my neighbors xmas display. why i can hear it in my bedroom, on the second floor, on the complete opposite side of the house is infinitely puzzling. i’m guessing so that people driving by can hear it over their stereo, motor and closed car windows.

moreover, i think there is some city ordinance against just about everything they have done. the only thing they don’t have is a fucking nativity scene, which i assume will go up eventually, since it’s not even december yet.

these people didn’t make me hate christmas. but they sure aren’t helping (please make sure your volume is on for full, almost-like-you’re-there effect):