google has a new feature they will implement late at night called ‘mail goggles’ in an attempt for people to avoid sending drunk emails to people they otherwise shouldn’t. if a user has it active on their google account, they must answer a series of math questions that if answered incorrectly will prevent emails from being sent. which means the mathematically illiterate will never be able to late night mail anyone.

in my opinion, they could have made it easier on everyone and just skipped the math problems and stuck to the plain ol’ captcha, which i can’t do at the height of sobriety.

so you know i’m not completely making this up, read about it here.

i’m going to have to start getting my friends drunk earlier in the day, or my mailbox is going to get boring. at least i’ll still get drunk voicemails. though it’s only a matter of time before they rig up cell phones with breathalyzers.